4.云南的旅游景点及介绍 云南的旅游景点及介绍英文



My Hometown Yunnan

Yunnan is a beautiful province located in the southwest of China. It has a long history and rich culture. I am proud to say that Yunnan is my hometown.

Firstly, Yunnan is known for its diverse ethnic groups. There are 25 different minority nationalities living in Yunnan, each with its unique customs and traditions. I love to attend the various minority festivals, such as the Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai people and the Torch Festival of the Yi people.

Secondly, Yunnan is famous for its breathtaking scenery. The province has a diverse landscape that includes mountains, rivers, and lakes. The Stone Forest, the Erhai Lake, and the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are just a few of the many attractions that draw tourists from all over the world.

Finally, Yunnan is also known for its delicious cuisine. The province has a wide variety of dishes that are both spicy and flavorful. The most famous dishes are the Crossing the Bridge Noodles and the Steam Pot Chicken.

In conclusion, Yunnan is a wonderful place to live. It has a rich culture, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. I am proud to be from Yunnan.







Shilin size, the Lions Pavilion, Jianfeng pool, Wang Feng Ting, Ashima, Old Town of Lijiang, the Quartet question, Lugu Lake, the island than in the Treasury, the Yulong Snow Mountain, Yunshaping small ropeways, Baishui River, Hanhai of…




Dali bai autonomous prefecture is located in the west of central yunnan province, with an altitude of 2090 meters. It is adjacent to chuxiong prefecture in the east, puer city and lincang city in the south, baoshan city and nujiang state in the west, and lijiang city in the north.

The ground spans 98°52 '~ 101°03' in the east longitude, 24°41 '~ 26°42' in the north latitude, east tour erhai sea, west and point cangshan vein, administration Dali city and xiangyun, yidu, binchuan, yongping, yunlong, eryuan, heqing, jianchuan eight counties and yangbi, weishan, nanjian three minority autonomous counties, is one of the early areas of southwest frontier development.

Located in the low latitude plateau, the four seasons temperature difference is not big, dry and wet season is clear, to the low latitude plateau monsoon climate, the territory to butterfly spring, cangshan, erhai, Dali ancient city, chongsheng temple three towers and other attractions are the most representative.










I went to yunnan's shilin, dianchi lake and jindian.






全国重点文物保护单位。太和宫金殿又名铜瓦寺,位于昆明市区东北郊7公里处的鸣凤山麓,坐东向西,是云南著名的道观。主殿系青铜铸造,熠熠生辉,耀眼夺目,故名之“金殿”。 金殿初建于明万历三十年(1602年),由云南巡抚陈用宾仿照湖北武当山天柱峰的太和宫及金殿样式建造,供奉北极真武大帝,周围建砖墙保护,有城楼、宫门等建筑,称太和宫。崇祯十年(1637年),由巡抚张凤山将铜殿拆运至宾川鸡足山。现存金殿为清康熙十年(1671年)平西王吴三桂重建。 金殿为方形,边长6.15米,高6.7米,所有梁柱、斗拱、门窗、瓦顶、供桌、神像、帏幔、匾额、楹联乃至台基左右待亭以及旗杆、七星旗等,仿木构件全部用铜铸成或锻成。总重约200吨。整个建筑雕刻细腻,比例匀称,造型美观,且极其精细逼真地模仿了重檐歇山式木构古典建筑。殿基边沿环绕大理石雕凭栏,台阶、御路、地坪皆大理石砌成;殿前还有明代所植紫薇二株、茶花一树。 金殿经历了数百年的风风雨雨,已存斑驳古朴之态,但比北京颐和园万寿山的金殿保存完整,也比武当山金殿规模大,是我国现存最大最完整的纯铜铸殿。为研究云南省明清以来的冶金铸造技术和云南清代木结构建筑的造型及装饰,提供了重要的实物资料。

云南的旅游景点及介绍 云南的旅游景点及介绍英文



Yunnan province, referred to as "yunnan, cloud, is located in the southwest border of the People's Republic of China. During the warring states period, is the land of yunnan tribe lived here. In yunnan, that is, "the south of clouds", the other is named after the deep is located in the south of yuengling. Provincial capital kunming. With a total area of about 39 square kilometers, 4.11% of total area, area of no. 8 in each provincial administrative region in the country. A total population of 43.16 million (2008), 3.36% of the population and the population ranks as the 13th. And the yunnan province adjacent provinces of sichuan, guizhou, guangxi, Tibet, yunnan province is three neighboring Burma, Laos and Vietnam. The tropic of cancer crosses from southern province.

Yunnan province is a large country, and rich in resources, enjoy the "kingdom of plants", "animal kingdom" and "non-ferrous metal kingdom", "flavor of the township", "natural garden" reputation. Higher plants more than 18000, of which about 10000 species of tropical and subtropical higher plants. The province's forest area of 143 million mu, the total volume of 988 million cubic meters of wood, is one of China's four major forest region. Is rich in tobacco leaves, notoginseng, gastrodia elata, eucommia bark, amomum fruit, pepper and other herbs and tropical and subtropical fruit. Flue-cured tobacco and cigarette output ranking first in the country. Smoke of fiscal revenue accounted for about two-thirds of the public finance. Rich natural spices and oil plants, animal resources, birds and beasts are among the top of the country. Mineral resources, the province has 155 kinds, variety complete, non-ferrous metal in particular for the lead, zinc, tin, nickel, phosphate rock deposits is very big, is the important origin of phosphate rock in our country. Jinsha river, lancang river, nujiang river flows through the hengduan mountainous areas have their huge hydropower resources.

Yunnan frontier style, unique plateau lakes, karst wonders, tropical rain forest, snow mountain valleys, and all of the historical and cultural relics, a variety of climate, colorful ethnic customs, together become rich tourism resources.

China's market is in a transition phase, compared with the western mature market there is a big gap, and China's yunnan tourism in the same under the baptism of the economic transformation, so in yunnan tourism marketing will experience a primary stage to the market by the market, a senior phase transformation process. Although the tourism industry marketing consciousness is generally not strong, marketing ability is not high, and even some places also have no sense of tourism marketing, in some places because the behavior factors system problems, money problems, the existence of the phenomenon such as interests outweigh the marketing problems, but we must see clearly, with China's accession to the WTO, international advanced concepts and successful operation with a sound of crying Wolf entered China, these advanced concepts and successful experience will be a man of insight through effective "docking" with Chinese characteristics, reasonable use to the practice of the market in China, so as to effectively promote the rapid development of China's economy. In China, the world of yunnan tourism resources of the country, and with the world's largest domestic tourism market, and it will become the world's largest destination countries in 2020. Under this kind of the bidirectional interaction of supply and demand, China's yunnan tourism prospects.















































2、丽江古城 AAAAA


3、泸沽湖 AAAA



云南旅游景点介绍 给大家介绍云南旅游景点介绍







昆明,别称春城,是云南省省会、滇中城市群中心城市,国务院批复确定的中国西部地区重要的中心城市之一。下面是我整理的关于昆明概况的英文 导游词 ,欢迎阅读。


Kunming lake is located in the Summer Palace in Beijing, its area is about three-quarters of the total area. Former northwest Beijing many springs converge into natural lakes, has seven names such as yet, large parking in the lake.

Kunming lake, a former northwest Beijing many springs converge into natural lakes, has seven names such as yet, large parking in the lake. Due to the longevity hill after the predecessor has the name of urn hill, also known as urn hill parking. Kunming lake is a natural, artificial lake. Here is the original xishan hill arch fans, former reason springs to assemble a lowland swamp.

In 1153 AD, after gold yanjing (as) in its capital, gold master yan hong light out the chicken water land, built in the jinshan palace. More from the west to the aim of yuquan hill spring note at the foot of the jinshan, make it become a plain, storage called the golden stream. This is the precursor of the kunming lake today. To the yuan dynasty, to increase the golden stream of water will be needed to supply the Kyoto grain transportation, water conservancy, guo shoujin guided ChangPing County white water from springs and yuquan hill into the mooring floating village. Jinshan was renamed urn hill, lake was renamed urn hill berth, the surface than had previously been expanded. In the Ming dynasty, white village water channel (white floating weir) disrepair, the water dried up, urn hill parking area is narrow. Emperor qianlong in the qing dynasty carved deep to expand mooring and urn hill, become larger than when Ming dynasty triple giant leaching, the beginning of the kunming lake.

This name, is the emperor that is applied in the qianlong emperor in changan capital kunming pool practicing wenhuan allusions. The name used today. After the yuan dynasty Beijing its capital for grain transportation, presided over by the water conservancy experts guo shoujin, upstream water development, changping along the mountain spring water and running water into the lake, became mostly in the city of grain transportation by using the reservoir. Many planting lotus in the lake in the Ming dynasty, around the paddy planting rice, lake have temples, pavilions, wins again, like the jiangnan scenery, hence there are "west lake", "west lake scenery" of reputation.

MingWu of land god, Ming has been on a boat to go fishing for fun here. Qing qianlong built qingyi garden, the lake will develop, become the size of the now, and take the emperor in changan kunming digging pool exercises war story, named kunming lake, on the lake every summer training exercise. Kunming lake on the main subject is west dike and six bridge, east dike, the west embankment in the south lake island, the marble seventeen-arch bridge which and so on. Flow around the longevity hill river at the foot of the mountain, known as the lake.


Appropriate county village of Venus, if there are mountain shape lie lion, said fu lion mountain. Five mountains rise steeply, rock mountains towering mountain. Rock under clear spring flowing day and night, good water quality, and large flow. Water xiushan jung, bamboo forest, beautiful YaJing. Because of the landscape, also known as yanquan mountain. "The monk of the ancient mountains". Yuan to early is (about 1341) monk panlong father to name, "MAO as the temples, carry forward the catch. Edge, full followers build patriarch temple consecrate and handed down. After the monks found here is "land", among them. Yanquan ancient concurrently in a way together in the release, and temples.

The XFX years (1450 ~ 1450), mu fu man Zhu Fuhai beginning, monks and wide between wanli rebuilt. It is advisable to have said "yanquan wash jade", one of the eight sights "good". Kangxi 26 years (1687 years), city Gao Shilang, teachings to work is glad to invite scholars city investment management, build a pavilion pavilion, built half moon pool. Yanquan has since become something natural and cultural landscape are all places of interest. Salty, with BingXian DianGe damaged. In 1915, the magistrate of a county Qian Liangjun rebuilt pavilions, "half ShanTing". In 1929, city yun-xiang ma, raised mother fights pavilion, jade emperor Chinese style pavilion the cool new pavilion, wide plant flowers and trees, and mass of cliff stone carvings. Temples look brand-new, into the most prosperous period. In 1940, the Japanese bombing of kunming, the disabled in hospital, scenery to avoid damage.

Published in July 1987, moya carved stone county, it is advisable to good key cultural relics protection units. In February 1993, the county approval, yanquan office allot the ownership of the temple of Venus. In recent years, the office on a large scale comprehensive reconstruction. New Ursa major, the great hall, temple, jade emperor Chinese style pavilion, the gate, swimming pool, etc., and wide planting flowers and trees, lawns, and roads, adding stone table bench, making yanquan changes today than yesterday. In April 1999, kunming expo garden gave nameboards headquarters and tourism bureau of yunnan province tourism fixed-point units, for the expo.

20_ , yanquan temple management committee carved stone steles commemorative tee: "professor mu book place", "Yuan Jiagu tea place", "hidden pavilion site". Modern three historical facts recorded yanquan temple, very creative, greatly improving the yanquan temple culture grade.


Andy scenic spot located at the side of the east suburb of kunming mingfeng, covers an area of 1773 mu of 8 km away from downtown. Mirage resorts to create next thirty years wanli (1602) Ming chongzhen decade (1637) moved tongdian struck binchuan chicken foot mountain, the qing emperor kangxi 10 years (1671), the day the king wu sangui reconstruction of the existing building double-hipped roof mountain type zhenwu bronze, bronze weighing 250 tons, is China's largest copper construction, it is the Summer Palace in Beijing mirage of the longevity hill intact; More than, the wudang mountain in hubei Andy is the largest remaining pure copper temple in China. The famous Andy belongs to taihe palace, as part of the total weight of 250 tons, for double-hipped roof flying pavilion imitation wood square building, the temple 6.7 meters high, 6.2 meters wide, deep, including stone, corrugated roof eaves beams, statues, curtain, bottle opener, you had plaque jacaranda with banners, etc were bronze.

Andy since with Chen bin Yu Wanli nonyl Yin (1602) years, ding, has more than 380 years; Wu sangui reconstruction has more than 210 years. Built during Ming wanli period. With Chen bin modeled on hubei all counties within the territory of mount wudang tianzhufeng taihe palace and mirage, built a little change. The late Ming dynasty ruled yunnan mu's evil, court repeatedly being disciplined, family decline. But, he is not on its own to find root cause, and to seek relief from the superstition. Letter is: YingWuShan in the east of the city, the mountain stands the bronze, "copper is the genera, of the west can g wood", so the tour by Zhang Feng He, mount tongdian down to chicken feet of western yunnan, fengshan mirage, existing Wu Sanjia rebuilt at the beginning of the qing dynasty. There were "on the beam, the qing emperor kangxi 10 years, were the big lv, ten door day, the day prince wu sangui worship", etc.

From the bottom up the car and walk, fairy bridge, into the "mingfeng", "first tianmen", "two tianmen" and "three doors. Climbing the tianmen, visible ancient grave taihe palace gate. Al cloud: "painting lianyun, three acres of castle peak, zhu LouYing, don't drive wizard a heavy day". Again into the temple gate, lingxingmeng door, visible stand tall brick city, blow about several zhangs, just like the Forbidden City. Along the order into the "city", right against the face high steps and is the center of the taihe palace architecture, famous mirage. Spot with three layers of 36 wing Angle of 29 meters high tower, the third floor of the dome, hung Ming yongle (1432) 21 years big bronze, cast by 3.5 metres high, caliber 6.7 meters circumference, 14 tonnes, to yunnan's largest antique clock. New "China golden expo garden", the wudang mountain in hubei, wutai mountain in shanxi, shandong taishan, and Beijing copper building housed a garden of the longevity hill. Estates in the pile of marble, Bridges water, step rail, road Shi Fang, plant flowers, such as landscape set each other off, form small and exquisite imitation bronze culture landscape. Andy botanical garden has 500 acres of gardens, has built the tea garden, azalea garden, magnolia, rose garden, WenShi District ten park, introduction of more than 20_ kinds of garden plants. Andy area is a combination of humanities landscape, natural landscape features of tourist attractions. Seven kilometers to the northeast in the city of kunming on phoenix mountain, have completely in bronze casting bronze, a house in the hot sun yi yi is unripe brightness, dazzling, so people called the mirage, is key protected cultural relics in China.

Spring city in qing dynasty kangxi nine years (AD 1670), wu sangui after peasant uprising, the rate of division into ju kunming, reconstruction of mirage. Can be seen on the mirage girders now ", the qing emperor kangxi 10 years, were the major of ji lu month (October) 6, day prince wu sangui to build "the copper. The inside of the Buddha, signboards, beams, level, doors and Windows, panlong, decoration and so on are made of bronze. Andy, floor, the steps of the railings are unique marble build by laying bricks or stones. The whole house majestic, beautiful and easy. Outside the temple built with walls, gates, battlements. The city on the floor. In behind the side, there are thick folded more than two strains of camellia one individual plant and crape myrtle, legend has it for the kind of the Ming dynasty, before and after the Spring Festival every year, thousands of camellia flowers in full bloom, as fire.


Kunming lake dianchi lake for short, is located in the southwest of yunnan kunming, around 300 square kilometers, in more than 1800 meters above sea level, even your depth of 5 meters. Pool of the surrounding mountains, acquainting, famous countless, wide, green lake, excellent scenery. As a result, was regarded as one of the jewels in the yunnan-guizhou plateau. The formation of the dianchi lake is located in the bottom because the fall of faults, forming lakes. Heave near the mountains, endless miles. Underground cave not counted, liaoning benxi water tunnel and devoted WangTianDong, shenyang Tibetan army hole and its contrast, like a snail and elephants. Composition nets

Magnificent grand view pavilion, in the lake. China's most famous historical records a coupon from the long, recommended by chairman MAO. The western hills near the risks and magnificent, haigeng sports park, zheng he park, famous in the world, nie er's tomb, let a person respect, stone mountain village, white fish mouth, kuanyinshan magnificent appearance, the prosperity of ancient tomb complex sites let person fancy here.

, looking up, lakes and mountains, loud and clear, that look very cool. Why napa lake, breeding and growing fast. Years, built roads and tourism, tourists as a cloud. Brigitte chicken mountains and golden horse very image, between the shores of lake shi, tree forest. A and a looming temple, especially yan temple monks chanting loud voice to the morning bell and evening drum reminders, echoing in the mountains, is a beautiful picture.

Many mainland minorities, such as bai, dai, SaNiZu, fine clothes. Stand before is not expensive ethnic handicrafts, such as batik dress and jewelry. Many flavor snack, I just don't back to the assembly meeting to eat lunch and dinner, as some are full.

Yang Dian scholars in Ming dynasty there are poems said: climate is often as one, 4 flowers on spring. Is singing the weather and beautiful scenery here, seems to be added to travel a vacancy.


Huating temple, formerly known as great circle sleep temple, the yuan dynasty to treat three years (1323) XuanFeng monk is adding site of gause villa, the Dali kingdom period tomorrow shun six years (1462), temple monk sheng host rebuilt, the twenty-sixth year of the reign of emperor kangxi (1688) rebuilt after the expansion of the name huating temple.

Virtual cloud presided over the old monk rebuilt in 1920, called "by the cloud of Buddha, the most jinzhou.would in kunming area. 1984 to carry out the party's religious policy, huating temple on the first temple, open wide by courtesy of the merits of good people, to reconstruct the scripture-stored, overhaul hall, the newly built five hundred arhat hall, repair of cultural relics and ancient and modern famous inscriptions, increase the modern calligraphy couplet, fully protect the famous buddhist temple.

Huating temple complete structure, layout, exactly, imposing manner is thick, the study of religious culture and ancient architectural art has important value. Main building are: Ursa major, the scripture-stored tower, the clock tower, the abbot, meditation room, ancestor's hall, monastery, guest room, bell and drum tower, and the sea will tower, etc. A rectangular plane layout, in the buddhist architecture of axisymmetric, closed courtyard type. Have that plastic Ursa iii golden body of Buddha, the south China sea guanyin and five hundred arhats, great plastic maitreya, four major Kings, fire, water, and two transformers and bodhisattva wei tuo, the scripture-stored consecrate Buddha white marble statue. Temple treasures have: yuan tai (1324) of the first year of Sanskrit mantra stone statue of sheng tuo Ronnie after building, tomorrow the Yang Ming dynasty the imperial tablet, number one scholar of the couplet "hold west monohydrate, with or without haze, column outside the monk to be diffused rod; peaks toward you, sunny rain shade, lean on a bar person" in the drawing, and other precious historical relics.

Too hua temple years of vicissitudes of life after seven hundred years of wind and rain BingXian, Ming and qing dynasties expansion and repair for many times, but the rule is still keeping the yuan dynasty architectural style. Summer temple east west, scale, layout rigorous, five mixture patio, circus turrets, showed more traditional wear bucket structure, temple pavilion, pavilion, gallery, ChiHuiCheng, quiet quiet.

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